Door Of Hope Australia | DOHA Projects
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DOHA Projects

Since our inception in 1996, DOHA has worked in the following Countries:

Fiji, PNG, Irian Jaya, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Egypt, Mozambique, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda & Turkey.

Some of DOHA’s recent projects:

  • Supporting Pre School Teachers in Fiji
  • Partnering with African Action International in Community Development Projects in Kenya and Uganda
  • Partnering with Collo & Bor Communities in South Sudan in Disaster Relief Projects
  • Partnering with Mt Zion Christian Centre in Philippines
  • Partnering with Fiji & India/Nepal: Food Relief Projects
  • Partnering with KCC in food/non-food aid in Turkey Earthquake Disaster relief


We are fundraising for an Agricultural Project in Juba, South Sudan, that provides a solution to their increasing food insecurity, through sustainable Agriculture.

We want to empower local Farmers in five areas around Juba, through the provision of needed machinery, tools, seeds etc… and provide vocational training to these Farmers in ‘modern farming techniques’.

(1). Aru-Junction (50 Feddans)

(2). Mundri (50 Feddans)

(3) Maridi (100 Feddans)

(4) Yei-Mapoko (50 Feddans)

(5). Terekeka (50 Feddans)

(1 Feddan = 1.038 acres)

The Fundraising Goal is $50,000 USD which is around $76,000 AUD.

Please support our GoFundMe page by donating and sharing with your social media.