Door Of Hope Australia | DOHA Projects
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DOHA Projects

Since our inception in 1996, DOHA has worked in the following Countries:

Fiji, PNG, Irian Jaya, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Egypt, Mozambique, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda & Turkey.

Some of DOHA’s recent projects:

  • Supporting Pre School Teachers in Fiji
  • Partnering with African Action International in Community Development Projects in Kenya and Uganda
  • Partnering with Collo & Bor Communities in South Sudan in Disaster Relief Projects
  • Partnering with Mt Zion Christian Centre in Philippines
  • Partnering with Fiji & India/Nepal: Food Relief Projects
  • Partnering with KCC in food/non-food aid in Turkey Earthquake Disaster relief


DOHA Community Development Projects    Disaster Relief Projects    Welfare Projects