Door Of Hope Australia | Project Update
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Project Update


During the Pandemic we have been supporting the following projects:

  • We are partnering with Pr Barry Silverback in a Food Aid project to 4 areas of concern in India (West Bengal, Assam, Manipur & Naga Land) which is facing food insecurity due to the global pandemic.
  • We are partnering with Pr Enock Muktar in Juba, South Sudan to provide clothing and shoes to 100 children living in the Kaya Refugee Camp. The majority of these children are orphaned and have no-one to provide for them.

We are also partnering with African Action International (AAI) in three new projects:

  • AAI Fencing Project in Kenya. This Project will provide Vocational Training for the same community who are creating Kitchen Gardens. It soon became apparent that fencing was required to protect the gardens. This Project will train the community how to build and maintain fencing.
  • AAI Water and Solar Project Uganda. This Project will provide the School and community with constant clean water (needed for drinking, cooking and sanitation) and solar power to provide lighting for safety and for the Medical Clinic.
  • AAI Kitchen Garden and Poultry Project in Kenya. This Project will help families improve their food security by enabling them to grow their own food (vegetables, fruit, herbs/spices and poultry).
  • We also partnered a second time with CRC Sigatoka: Fiji Food Aid Relief Project which provided emergency food relief to 60 families living in Sigatoka. The majority of the workers in the area are usually employed by the Hotels and Resorts along the Coral Coast. Tourism has been hit very hard by the Pandemic. The Farmers in the area have also been impacted as the Resorts were their main customers.