Door Of Hope Australia | Code of Conduct
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Code of Conduct


  1. Act in all circumstances with honesty, integrity and professionalism;
  2. Ensure that our project recipients (stakeholders) interests and identified needs remain paramount at all times and adhere to the highest standards of service to our donors, partners, industry and stakeholders;
  3. Subscribe to and comply with all applicable laws and regulations in our business dealings, where applicable, throughout Australia and any Country projects are being implemented in;
  4. Immediately disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest, which might interfere with the independence of our judgement in the best interests of our donors, partners, industry and stakeholders;
  5. Maintain the integrity of privacy, confidential or proprietary information and ensure it is used solely for the purpose for which it is intended;
  6. Maintain truthful records of all project donations, costing and reporting;
  7. Provide a healthy and supportive work environment that enhances the professional, physical and emotional well-being of DOHA staff; and subscribe to a policy of equal employment without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, colour or gender.
  8. Show regard and responsibility towards DOHA resources and property (including intellectual property);
  9. Comply to the requirements of the Code of Conduct on the DOHA CHILD SAFEGUARDING POLICY;
  11. Understand that the following behaviours are prohibited: transactional sexual activity, bullying, bribery and corruption, sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation.
  12. Report any suspected violations of this Code of Conduct immediately to the PM or CB.


  1. DOHA strives to maintain a high standard of integrity in all of its operations and networks, both inside and outside of DOHA. Internally, we value and actively promote respectful, collegial, and trusting relationships among those who work in DOHA.
  2. DOHA is, to the best of its knowledge and belief, fully compliant with all applicable laws that affect conduct and behaviour in the workplace. Above and beyond the legal requirements, we place a premium on civility, honesty, and teamwork. We seek to develop and maintain loyalty, as a distinguishing feature of our work environment and our corporate culture.
  3. Our objective is to sustain and fulfil high expectations by:
  • Being open, fair, and transparent in our business relationships with outside parties;
  • Honouring the commitments that we make to recruits, partners, and stakeholders;
  • Promoting candid two-way communications so as to ensure that each party’s agenda and perspectives are well understood and seeking to resolve issues and disagreements constructively and in a way that satisfies both parties.

In its pursuit of non-profit opportunities in line with the objectives of DOHA in international markets, DOHA routinely encounters laws that differ from those in Australia.

  1. In addition to compliance with Australian law, DOHA expects its Employees to comply with all laws that apply in the countries where DOHA operates.