Door Of Hope Australia | Philosophy
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We believe that every child has a right to quality of life; this includes freedom from discrimination, prejudice, abuse, exploitation and the factors that perpetuate the causes of poverty; for instance illiteracy, preventable diseases and malnutrition.

We believe that to cause permanent and effective change in a child’s living conditions:

  • We need to look beyond the surface and consider the child in it’s cultural, spiritual and historical context; a holistic approach.
  • Offer training programs for primary carers and staff to ensure that the child receives adequate nutrition, sanitation, medical care as well as opportunities to explore, play and learn.
  • Partner with families, communities, church groups and other organisations in caring for their children.
  • Support projects that are sustainable, and promote development within the community at large.

Education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle and we are committed to giving children opportunities to attend and complete school.