Door Of Hope Australia | DOHA Petition: Now has 100 signatures
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DOHA Petition: Now has 100 signatures

DOHA Petition: Now has 100 signatures

DOHA Petition to President Salva Kiir

According to a recent UN report, the civil war in South Sudan has reached “catastrophic proportions”.

This has resulted in tens of thousands people killed, 3.25 million displaced, disrupted farming, cattle and aid looting, blocking of aid, destruction of crops and water supplies, unsafe wild food gathering and nationwide economic collapse.

Famine has been formally declared in two Counties in Unity State, South Sudan, affecting 100,000 people (20,000 children) and threatening to affect a further one million people in the coming months.

An estimated 3.8 million South Sudanese are currently facing food crisis and this is expected to rise to 5.5 million (50% population) in the lean season (May – July 2017).

THIS WAR MUST STOP and urgent food aid given to already malnourished children and families before it is too late.

Please continue to sign and share this petition…